John Joe Nevin vows never to appear before a judge again

John Joe Nevin
John Joe Nevin

Olympic silver medallist John Joe Nevin has said he is 'on the straight and narrow' after an assault charge against him was dropped.

Nevin told the Irish Sun that he was 'done with appearing in front of a judge' in the wake of assault charges against him being withdrawn by publican John Feerick.

Nevin, 28, had been charged with assaulting Feerick and breaching the Public Order Act on May 29 2016 but the charges were dropped after Feerick withdrew his complaint.

Mr Feerick said in court in March he wished to withdraw the complaint against Nevin and another man, as a number of his staff were reluctant to come forward as witnesses.

When Judge Seamus Hughes suggested that he and his staff were under “absolute fear of retaliation” if they proceeded with the complaint, Mr Feerick replied: “I just want a quiet life”.

Judge Hughes declared that he would not allow this case to be withdrawn but the case was dropped in Mullingar District Court last month.

"That's me done with appearing in front of a judge - I'm on the straight and narrow now and will keep out of trouble in the future", Nevin told the Irish Sun.

Nevin also told the paper that he is off the booze drink and he has plans to get his career in the ring back on track.

"It was my birthday last week and I didn't touch a drop of alcohol because my only focus now is boxing," said Nevin.

The 2012 Olympic medallist had his first pro fight in on St Patrick's Day 2014 but just weeks later an assault left him with two broken legs.

In total Nevin has had just eight pro fights, winning all eight, the last of which was in August last year.

Nevin was due to fight in March this year but picked up another injury in sparring.