Joe Duffy’s ‘Liveline’ is coming to a TV near you

Joe Duffy
Joe Duffy

Soon you could talk to Joe, in person, as Liveline may be coming to the small screen.

The Irish Daily Star reports that filming for the pilot got underway today at Joe’s studio.

“We are doing a pilot programme for TV. It's very exciting," said Joe.

The show is set to feature people who have opted to 'Talk to Joe' over the years, recalling some of the heartbreaking and inspirational stories to have featured on the ratings juggernaut over the years.

"We are doing a pilot programme for TV revisiting Liveline stories to find out what happened to people after they spoke to us live on the show so we are shooting a pilot for that tomorrow," the broadcaster said last night.

"It's never been done before."

The pilot is expected to be screened over the summer.