Joan Collins TD among arrests at water protest

Arrests: Gardai at the scene in Dublin this morning
Arrests: Gardai at the scene in Dublin this morning

THE United Left Alliance TD Joan Collins has been arrested at a water meter protest.

Gardai confirmed a number of people have been arrested at the morning's protest in Crumlin, Dublin. She has since been released.

It is understood that contractors were attempting to install a water meter when they were confronted by a group of residents and protesters who did not want the meter installed.

Her party colleague, Councillor Pat Dunne, was also arrested.

"There was about 15 or 16 of us arrested, and we're all back down here [protesting]," she said on Newstalk radio.
"Two burly guards had to remove me. I resisted in a peaceful way."
She described the arrest as "unpleasant", but the protest is continuing.
Joan Collins told the Independent: "I was elected by the people of this area and now I have been arrested for standing in solidarity with them. We just don't understand it.
"We stood our ground. I'm back now in the area and the water crew are in their trucks."
A video of at the scene was posted to YouTube by