Jill Meagher’s rapist eligible for parole in 2058 after being convicted of three more rapes


Notorious rapist and killer Adrian Bayley will be at least 86 before he has the possibility of leaving prison, a court in Australia heard.

County Court Judge Sue Pullen set a new non-parole period for Bayley of 43 years starting on Thursday after he was found guilty of brutally raping three women.

One of the rapes took place in 2000 and two others just months before he raped and murdered Jill Meagher in September 2012.

Jill Meagher

Bayley will be 86-years-old by the time he is eligible for parole in 2058 and even then the authorities might refuse to release him.

Judge Pullen said Bayley had for many years violated the basic rights of women in the community and there was very little hope for his eventual rehabilitation.

"Each in their own way was easy prey... and you were an experienced hunter," she said. "Once each of these victims were in your sights their fate was sealed."

She said she was conscious the sentence she had imposed meant Bayley would most likely die in prison.

"You have repeatedly over many years violated the basic rights of women in the community and with similar sexual offending to that before me," said Pullen.

"Your repeated violent offending and gravity of that offending provides little to offer the faintest glimmer of hope.

"Even if there were any considerations of rehabilitation, they must in your case be subordinated to the gravity of your offending."

Bayley is currently being held in protective custody at the Melbourne Assessment Prison and is only allowed out of his cell for between one to three hours a day.

Bayley has a long history of sexual violence against women and had served a 10-year sentence for raping six prostitutes.

Bayley admitted grabbing Jill Meagher, taking her to a side street and sexually assaulting her before he drove her to Gisborne and dug a shallow grave in 2012.