Jill Meagher’s husband describes priest’s comments as shameful

Tom and Jill Meagher on their wedding day
Tom and Jill Meagher on their wedding day

Tom Meagher, the husband of murdered Jill Meagher, has described the comments made by a priest to children at St Christopher’s Primary School as dangerous, misogynistic and shameful.

Jill Meagher was raped and murdered while walking home from a pub in Melbourne, Australia by Adrian Bayley in 2012.

It was reported earlier this week that a priest held up a newspaper with Adrian Bayley’s face on it and told a primary school that Jill Meagher would be alive if she was “more faith-filled”.

Today Tom Meagher took to Facebook to air his grievances with the priest’s comments and to address rumours that he and the Meagher family would be taking the state of Victoria to court.

“Hi Friends - first of all I just wanted to thank you all for your support over the last few days. I've been avoiding reports about Bayley's additional charges, to avoid retraumatisation, so I have nothing to add on that at this point except to commend the bravery of those who came forward”, he wrote.

“There was an irresponsible article printed in the Herald Sun yesterday about myself and Jill's family suing the state of Victoria which seems to be a complete fabrication, or in any case certainly isn't true, nor did any of us speak to the HS. While I support in every way, any family who are involved in this class action, this is not the path we are choosing to go down. I have just spoken with the rest of Jill's family, who never discussed anything of this sort with the Herald Sun. I would be interested to see what the HS has to say about this.”

“Additionally I would like to address the disgusting message taught to the children of St Christopher’s Primary School that Jill would not have been murdered if she "had more faith" and was "at home in bed." What a truly abhorrent lesson to teach a child. How a human being with such dangerous & misogynistic views can be allowed pass those messages onto children is depressing. Shameful.”

Mr Meagher went on to then ask people to support a campaign to tackle the “stranglehold the Catholic Church has over the public school system in Ireland.”