Jihadi John's Mum recognised her son's voice

Mohammed Emwazi, aka Jihadi-John, is on the run from authorities
Mohammed Emwazi, aka Jihadi-John, is on the run from authorities

The horrified mother of Mohammed Emwazi has said she immediately recognised his voice when she heard him on vile hostage videos released by Islamic State.

The parents of Emwazi, 26, told Kuwaiti authorities they were last in contact with their son in 2013 when he called them from Turkey.

They said he told them he was going to do humanitarian work in Syria, but they now realise his mission was to become one of the world's most infamous terrorists.

Emwazi, from west London, who is also known as "Jihadi John", has been named as the man in several IS videos where hostages have been beheaded and now video has emerged of him speaking about what he perceived to be his ill-treatment by British security services.

The tape was made by advocacy group Cage after Emwazi was deported from Tanzania and questioned by UK agents.

Speaking to Cage when he returned to London later that year, Emwazi said: "He (British official) looked at me and he said 'I still believe that you're going to Somalia to train'.

"I said 'after what I just told you, after… I told you that what's happening is extremism… you're still suggesting that I'm an extremist?'

"He just started, you know, going on trying to put words into my mouth."

Emwazi said MI5 officers had been "threatening" him and went on to suggest: "We're going to keep a close eye on you Mohammed, we already have been."

A huge hunt is now on to find Emwazi, with security chiefs around the world joining force to try and close the net on one of the world's most wanted men.