James Molyneaux dies: Former unionist leader helped liberate Belsen from Nazis

James Molyneaux KBE, PC
James Molyneaux KBE, PC

Former Ulster Unionist leader James Molyneaux has died.

He was 94.

Lord Molyneaux was one of the longest serving members of the Ulster Unionists.

Having fought in WWII, he was one of the first soldiers to enter Belsen concentration camp in Germany.

He spent his military career in the Royal Air Force between 1941 and 1946, and often spoke of the horrors he saw there.

Current UUP leader, MIke Nesbitt, said: "He brought a stability to the unionist party at a time when it was much needed.

"Times were fraught, not just in terms of the exceptional level of barbaric terrorism that was being imposed upon the people of Northern Ireland, but this very difficult political situation where the then-prime minister Margaret Thatcher was persuaded to sign the Anglo-Irish Agreement with the government of the Republic of Ireland, which was incredibly destabilising for Northern Ireland."