Ed Sheeran joined by a familiar face in London

Bromance: Nidge and Sheeran
Bromance: Nidge and Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a self-confessed Love/Hate fan and in the past said he was obsessed with the antics of Nidge and the gang.

The down-to-earth singer frequently post images and clips to his social media which highlight how incredibly popular he is among fellow celebs and stars. 

Whether he's messing about with the Rolling Stones, partying with Taylor Swift or cuddling with Courtney Cox, the UK singer routinely looks like he's having a blast with fame's elite. 

A familiar face is featured in his latest Instragram post, titled: 'Nidgey'.

The singer was joined backstage in Wembley by Love/Hate actor Tom Vaughan Lalor, who (obviously) plays Nidge in the hit TV series. 

"Alrigh' man, here with the main man Ed. I'm about to go out on the show. Can't wait for it. Alrigh buddy." Nidge says. 




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Ed responds: 'I've a bone to pick with him.'

The bromance is real. 

Ed recently said he had been watching the show with Taylor Swift's crew and roadies while on tour. 

"It's my third time watching it now but the thing is, I wasn't introduced to it by Irish people -- I was in America and they were all watching it. All the yanks on the Taylor Swift tour, all the crew, all the roadie crew.

"They were like, 'ah yeah man, we're watching this show called Love/Hate at the moment. Here's the DVD!'" the singer explained.

"At first I said, yeah I'll check it out and they said it was made by RTE and I was like, all right... but then I watched it and it was incredible.

"I was instantly hooked in and I want Nidge to be my best mate. I can do a Nidge impression -- it's just a lot of nodding and saying Trish."