It's 4 months away but Brown Thomas are already decorating their halls for Christmas

Christmas decorations at Brown Thomas
Christmas decorations at Brown Thomas

It might be 127 days away but one particular department store in the country is already readying itself for Christmas.

With four months until Santa comes, you might be forgiven for not to putting up your Christmas tree or decorating your home with glittering fairy lights.. 

The weather in much of the country is balmy with temperatures in the high teens, but inside Brown Thomas stores employees are decorating their interiors for their annual Christmas market. 

From this week onwards customers can traverse the various markets Brown Thomas will be opening, each with different themes including  ‘I Love Candy’, ‘Santa’s Journey’ and ‘Ice Palace’. 

The store confirmed they have identified an early demand for decorations and that most of their produce is usually sold out by October. Many people, apparently, enjoy Christmas shopping at this time of year. 

Some are understandably and suitably outraged outraged by Brown Thomas's decision, which seems to happen slightly earlier every year. 

Whether it's supply and demand or excellent PR (or both) people are talking about it...