It will be €10 for cheapest bottle of wine in Ireland under new guidelines

DEAR, OH DEAR: Wine could be a minimum of a tenner a bottle soon
DEAR, OH DEAR: Wine could be a minimum of a tenner a bottle soon

The Oireachtas Health Committee is to consider a report which suggests a new minimum price for alcohol should be introduced.

The report will urge the Government to increase the minimum price for a unit of alcohol to €1.10 – even though Ireland currently has the highest prices for alcohol and tobacco in the EU.

If the suggestion is implemented it would mean the cheapest bottle of wine available to hard-pressed Irish consumers would be a minimum of €10 – regardless of the quality.

A unit of alcohol – which is about half a pint of beer or a small glass of wine - should be set at the figure of €1.10 to curb what they say is ‘excessive alcohol consumption’ in Ireland, and it would be illegal for retailers to sell for anything less than this – so your summertime BBQ with friends is likely to get nearly as expensive as going out would be.

A can of beer would also now be likely to cost at least €2.20.

Cigarette packet-style health warnings and calorie counts on alcohol labels would also be made compulsory under new legislation.

Health Minister Leo Varadkar recently said: "The days of 15 cans or bottles of beer being sold for €15 is of the past.

"Most Irish adults drink too much and many drink dangerously."