Family want to free Irishman jailed for 12-years for possession of 0.3g of cannabis

Éanna Ó Cochláin
Éanna Ó Cochláin

Éanna Ó Cochláin received a 12-year prison sentence in the Philippines after he was convicted of smuggling two small cigarette-style sticks of cannabis through an airport.

Ó Cochláin’s family, who claims that the 55-year-old was “stitched up”, have launched an appeal to get him home.

His brother, Patrick Coughlan, said that Éanna, who is currently out on bail, has suffered enough.

"Éanna has suffered enough. They have his passport and will not let him leave the country," he said.

His wife and their 22-year-old daughter Caoimhe are all Irish citizens and it's a disgrace the way he is being treated."

He told radio station 96FM: "Three members of our family have died in the past six months.

"My mother Josephine died at the age of 93 last year and she was calling for Éanna on her death bed."

Éanna was stopped at Laoag Airport in July 2013 and was discovered to have just 0.38g of cannabis.

He was then prosecuted authorities in the Philippines and sentenced to 12-years.