Irishman admits stabbing his wife death over 50 times

Police say Ringwood has admitted to stabbing his wife to death
Police say Ringwood has admitted to stabbing his wife to death

An Irishman who was discovered unconscious beside his murdered wife has admitted to stabbing her to death.

Authorities said Harry Ringwood (48), who is originally from Enniscorthy in County Wexford, confessed to killing his wife.

Galina Shevchenko (46) was found with up to 50 stab wounds at their home in Lutry on Monday.

Police said Ringwood was found unconscious beside the lifeless body of the 46-year-old woman. 

In an official statement, Swiss authorities said: “The husband of the woman found dead in her apartment in Lutry has spoken to the inspectors of the Security Police and the magistrate in charge of the investigation.
“This man has admitted killing his wife by stabbing her fifty times. He acted after a dispute with his wife.
“He then attempted to take his own life.”
Police said the couple were discovered by a builder who had arrived to carry out work on their first floor apartment on Grand Rue 2 in the scenic Swiss city.
Detective Inspector Jeckelmann earlier in the week described what emergency services saw at the couple's home.
"It was quite a scene, the woman's body was found in a pool of blood, and there was blood all over the apartment as well... It was a very horrible death," he said.
Ringwood was taken to hospital for treatment and is now in custody awaiting a court date.