Irish weather could hinder partial eclipse

Irish weather could hinder partial eclipse

An almost-total eclipse is set to thrill or disappoint millions today, depending on luck and the weather.

Predictably Met Éireann has said viewing it may be difficult as much of the country will be covered in cloud.

Experts have issued warnings to people not to look directly at the Sun at any time during the two-hour event, either with the naked eye, or through regular telescopes, binoculars or other makeshift filters.

Popular methods for watching the eclipse involve projecting an image from a telescope or binoculars on to a piece of white card, using a mirror to cast the image on to a wall, or making a pin-hole viewer from pieces of card or a cereal box that acts like a lens.

By around 9.30am over 90% of the Sun’s surface will be blocked out by the Moon, before it slowly begins to reveal itself again.

The last solar eclipse was 16-years ago and the next isn’t expected until 2026