Irish Water given names of 100,000 tenants

Water charges protests continue
Water charges protests continue

Irish Water have been presented with the names and details of more than 100,000 tenants across the country, as they prepare to issue bills for their services in the coming weeks.

The Irish Independent are reporting that Irish Water wrote to city and county councils in February, asking them to provide names of those renting properties as they look to roll out their demands for payments.

Irish Water discovered a hole in their plans as they did not have the names of occupants of rented properties, but they resolved that issue by contacting landlords who owned multiple properties to retrieve this information.

Landlords were warned that they could be fined if they did not release the information relating to their tenants identities, with the final bill for these properties set to rise to around €8m.

In addition, there are another 300,000 private rental properties according the Central Statistics Office, which could result in landlords being hit with bills totalling €20m.

Despite huge protests over many months, Irish Water is set to issue payment demands to 1.5 million households across the State imminently.