Irish Water chase pensioner for one cent bill

Elderly pensioner sent Irish Water bill for just one cent
Elderly pensioner sent Irish Water bill for just one cent

An elderly pensioner was left in shock after Irish Water sent him a bill for just one cent.

After selling his home in Co.Dublin, the pensioner, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted Irish Water to confirm he was up to date with his payments.

However, he was informed by Irish Water that he had had an outstanding balance of one cent and was shocked when he was subsequently sent a bill for the amount.

The 76-year-old paid the one-cent bill but attached a letter with the cheque.

"I was informed by a member of your staff following a telephone conversation that it is not possible to pay any amount at the post office or Payzone under €5. Therefore I have no alternative but to send you a cheque."

Speaking to the Irish Daily Mail, the pensioner said the Irish Water lost more money by sending the bill.

"It cost them more in postage, printing and administration costs to send the one cent bill".

Irish Water did not comment on the incident.

This is the latest controversy to surround the company since its inception.

In November, a couple living in Co.Wexford were shocked to discover that their water bill was being sent to Vietnam.

Pensioners Patricia and Alan Jones had returned to Ireland after living in Australia and Asia for a number of years.

They contacted Irish Water to set up an account but received no bill or contact for weeks.

When Mr Jones got a text saying that were in arrears they rang the utility and were shocked when a staff member informed them their bills were being sent out to an unknown man in Vietnam.

The couple were left in a state of worry as they did not know whether the individual had received private details about the couple and their property.

Mrs Jones spoke of her fury about the mishap.

"Having lived in Malaysia for a number of years, I can tell you that Asia is the last place you want your sensitive information floating around. We can’t be the only person that something like this has happened to. We’d urge people to check and not just wait and assume that Irish Water will get around them."

 It was recently revealed that just over half of people have paid their first and second water bills.