Irish TV personality banned from driving for six months

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Vincent Browne
Vincent Browne

TV3 presenter Vincent Browne has been banned from driving for six months after clocking up too many penalty points.

Over a three-year period, Browne has reached the maximum allowance of penalty points for offences such as speeding and using a mobile phone while driving.

"I believe I thoroughly deserved disqualification from driving for six months from the 5th of September last," he told the Irish Daily Star.

The veteran broadcaster will not have to appear before a court unless he decides to appeal the ban.

It is not the first time Browne has been in trouble for motoring offences.

In 2014, he appeared before Dun Laoghaire District Court after being fined €100 for using his phone while driving back in December 2013.

During the hearing, Judge Hugh O’Donnell advised the broadcaster to invest in a hands-free kit for his car.

"I already have," he replied.