Irish Top Gear producer receives torrent of abuse from trolls following Jeremy Clarkson sacking

Jeremy Clarkson: Sacked
Jeremy Clarkson: Sacked
Oisin Tymon: Online abuse
Oisin Tymon: Online abuse

Irish producer Oisin Tymon has been getting horrific personal abuse online following the sacking of Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

A BBC investigation found that Clarkson subjected Tymon to “an unprovoked physical and verbal attack” which required hospital treatment.

He threatened to fire the producer a number of times and the physical attack only ended after another person intervened.

Tymon did not make any complaint to BBC bosses over the incident and an investigation was only launched after Clarkson himself made a report about the incident.

Despite these facts trolls are targeting Tymon online.

Twitter user @Mrglovinglife wrote: “OisinTymon should be sacked what a #ballbag I think @JeremyClarkson described you perfectly #softc***”

@dpopov7 wrote: “OisinTymon you f*ckin' c***!”


@mynameiusandey wrote: “Dear #OisinTymon U act like a p****....If u are offended punch someones face....But u've chosen the girls way of solving problem”.


@russlewis76 wrote: “Man up you p****, you got punched by a older man #P**** #OisinTymon”. Thanks to your wining and not being able to take a punch from a old man Top Gear will NEVER be the same #w*****”.

@txcda wrote “wish that c*** #OisinTymon had a Twitter. How dare he get @BBC_TopGear off the TV? I'd punch him too”.

Hundreds of more trolls are directing abuse at the Irishman. However, many more are rushing to his defence.

One wrote: “It's worrying that people think it was perfectly acceptable for Clarkson to punch #OisinTymon. How many of you assault your colleagues? Odd”

Author Owen Jones said: 

Others called on Clarkson to call on his fans to stop abusing the producer.

The BBC has also received criticism for sacking Clarkson.

However, Wicklow-born BBC presenter Dara Ó Briain hit back at the criticism saying: