Bonkers Baptist Church warns our man that Ireland is due an "ass-whooping"

"Ass whooping": A member of the Westboro Baptist Church protests Ireland's referendum (Twitter)
"Ass whooping": A member of the Westboro Baptist Church protests Ireland's referendum (Twitter)

A long-time member of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church has gone on radio to reveal that us Irish people are in for an "ass-whopping of monumental proportions".

Fans of Louis Theroux may recognise the senior member of the church from his 2007 BBC documentary which brought Westboro fame across the pond. 

During a radio interview on Today FM, Steve Drain told presenter Anton Savage he was "foolish" and he was a "bumper sticker theologian". 

He also likened Ireland to the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, which in Genesis were consumed by fire and brimstone for incurring the wrath of god. 

"You Irish people are in for a whooping, an ass-whooping of monumental proportions.

"Think of what you did by popular vote ratifying same sex marriage, the kind of thing that God Almighty pronounced as an abomination - and you guys are going to promote it to acceptability,” he told Savage.

"You cannot, Mr Savage, as a nation slip off God and expect not to incur his wrath.

"You are foolish and you ought to stop what you are doing, turn your face towards God and mourn for your sins and say, ‘we have made a grievous error. We should obey the Lord God’."

Drain was once an avid Atheist and documentarian until he was turned by the church while filming with the group in Kansas in 2001. 

The church is known for picketing at the funerals of dead servicemen and also, increasingly, at the funerals of public figures such as Joe Biden's son who died of cancer last week. 

"Joe Biden’s son was cut down well before his time, stricken with cancer and you think that God’s on vacation when somebody gets cancer, you think those judgements aren’t caused by the same hand of God that made you and whose breath of life he holds in his hand," Drain said. 

"Biden was among the first who tried to ram same-sex marriage down the throat of this nation, and at the time Senator Joe Biden was in support of violence being perpetrated against our people specifically."

Savage then asked Drain why it was his church wasn't more partial to forgiveness, supposedly a core concept of Christianity. 

"Forgiveness requires repentance. You can’t repent to something you are proud of; you only repent of those things you are ashamed of – we’re talking about gay pride. 

"Definitions get in the way, Mr Savage. These people aren’t ashamed of their sin.

"The forgiveness of God, the love and the mercy of God is reserved for the penitent, and to be penitent you have to be ashamed of your sin and you have to recognise the sins you that you involve yourself in."

Listen to the whole interview here.