Drunk Irish stag party who dressed in Hitler masks ‘a disgrace to Ireland’

The stag party wore Hitler masks and shouted abuse at locals
The stag party wore Hitler masks and shouted abuse at locals

A stag party from Cork are recovering from a hangover off a different sort after their actions in a bar in Prague – when they donned Hitler masks and acted boorishly towards the waitresses – have been slammed as ‘a disgrace’ to Ireland.

Frank Haughton, who owns Caffrey’s Irish bar in the Old Town Square, said the group were the worst stag party he ever encountered and a “huge embarrassment to Ireland” after they slapped female workers on the bottom, shouted abuse at passers-by and caused havoc while wearing the offending masks.

He said not all the drunken group behaved this way, but the vast majority of them did and they were asked to leave the premises.

Speaking to he said: “I’ve never seen anything like this – the abuse of the [waitresses], smacking their asses, grabbing them.”

“It’s rather insensitive, but what seemed to upset the staff more was their reaction to a couple over 70 and they were subject to a tirade of very foul language. They were also tourists.”

“Some of the guys were well behaved but they were let down by the vast majority of them. They were a group of about 25 guys, and when you have a group that behaves like this, the whole group gets tarnished.”

“I’ve never had the staff come on to me before about something like this and I’ve been here for 22 years.

“Only two times in all my years of business have we had problems. This was the second time. The first time was with another Irish stag party about eight or nine years ago - they were messy and getting sick.”

“I just felt there’s a time in life when you have to take a stance against something, it did leave a bad taste with me.”

Meanwhile, the father of the bride-to-be of the stag took to the airwaves this morning to defend the group.

Speaking on Cork’s 96FM radio station he said that they were all probably too young to realise the signifcance of their silly actions, adding: “He (the Stag) is a lovely guy and he’s quiet. You wouldn’t hear him behind a paper bag.”

“I wasn’t at the stag but I know the guys that were out there and they’re a very decent bunch of guys. When they found out what was after going down, they went away and changed their clothes and went over and they apologised.”

But he added that if he was there things would have been different.

“If a guy said that to my daughter, I’d probably give him a clatter around the ear,” he admitted.

“They probably wouldn’t do it again.”

“I know if I was there I certainly wouldn’t have allowed it anyway because I know the history of the world war, and I know what Hitler did, and it was very, very inappropriate.

“But they’re not cowboys. They’re decent guys.”