Uncovered: Secrets of Yaya sex claim girl

Sandra Ntonya
Sandra Ntonya
YAYA Toure
YAYA Toure

THE African escort who claims she bedded Man City star Yaya Toure previously tried to ‘blackmail’ one of Ireland’s best-known VIPs after secretly making a sex tape.

Last weekend, hooker Sandra Ntonya (34), revealed that the Premier League star bombarded her with steamy text messages begging her for sex. Toure has denied the claims.

However, it is not the first time that self-confessed “kinky” hooker Sandra has made headlines.

In January, the Sunday World revealed how the €180-an-hour hooker had several sex sessions with a famous Irishman. 

She showed this newspaper a series of video clips of the naked VIP, who appeared disoriented in a hotel bedroom in Manchester. She admitted trying to extort money from him and named him on her Twitter account.

This week Sandra claimed she deleted the x-rated videos after coming to an arrangement with the household name.

The African born woman – who uses the trade name ‘Flora’ – now says she has been “paid off”.

“****’s millionaire friend demanded that I remove my Twitter account. He said that it was degrading to his good friend ****,” she tells us.

“He asked me what it takes. I told him what it takes – a certain figure – and I removed it.

“So the contract was that I don’t contact the VIP or write about him again. I signed an affidavit in front of his lawyers. Money talks.

“Whenever **** reads about other men he knows he’s safe. His friend bailed him out. Lucky boy.”

She maintains she has not been in touch with the businessman since the allegations she made about Toure.

“I don’t know what he makes of it but I will not be speaking about him,” she chuckles.

Earlier this year, we revealed how the Irish businessman not only secured her services, but also got her to hire a male prostitute.

The high-profile client – who refused to answer calls, texts and messages from the Sunday World – also snorted a white powder during their romp.

Sandra claimed the businessman gave her thousands of euro, showered her with expensive jewellery and even wired her over money by Western Union using a false name.

She said she first met the businessman at Manchester’s swish Lowry Hotel last April. Her website says her rates start at £100 an hour.

“The first time I met him he gave me £3,000 – that was for just 12 minutes,” she recalls.

“The second time I met him he told me his full name. He asked me to get him a man and I got one for him. He gave me another £3,000 and the man also got his money.”

Sandra confesses she secretly recorded the VIP without his permission. The video shows the businessman naked in the room with Sandra, where they discuss various sex acts.

“The third time we met he was so excited about the man being there,” she says.

On her website she says she offers a variety of sexual services, including “BDSM (giving), foot worship, hand relief and oral”.

She insists there was more to their relationship than just sex.

“I wasn’t a whore, a slag or a prostitute to him – me and him had a special bond,” she stresses. 

“We were friends. He used to talk about God a lot and he’s really scared of dying. I used send him pieces of scripture from my iPhone.”

Last weekend, Sandra told a British newspaper how she exchanged a string of text messages with Toure’s phone to arrange sex near a  supermarket car park. She agreed to several sessions after being bombarded with messages.

She alleges their sex sessions started 18 months ago and continued up until a fortnight ago.

“He kept phoning me – around 10 times in one week – and pleaded with me not to refuse him and said he would treat me with respect.

“We drove a little to a quiet country track where we stopped to have sex in the back seat of his car. Afterwards I was paid just £100 – from a huge wad.”

And she claims they met for several more romps afterwards.

A spokesman for the Ivory Coast player admitted that the number Sandra called was his number, but he said the star totally denied romping with the escort.

He added that it was a pal using Yaya’s mobile who also sometimes borrowed the player’s car.

Devout Muslim Toure (32), is married to Gineba and has two children.