Irish rugby fan arrested in Rome for 'trying to grab gun from soldier'

Irish fan arrested by police (Image via Corpo di Polizia Locale di Roma Capitale)
Irish fan arrested by police (Image via Corpo di Polizia Locale di Roma Capitale)

A 'drunk' Irish rugby fan was arrested in Rome after he allegedly attempted to grab a soldier's weapon during a drunken incident.

The man, who is reportedly in his 30s, was with a group of up to 20 fans who congregated around the Spanish embassy in Rome on Friday evening.

He was in the Italian capital ahead of Ireland's S63-10 victory over the Azzurri.

According to a statement on their official Facebook the Corpo di Polizia Locale di Roma Capitale, said a number of Italian anti-terror soldiers were standing guard outside the the embassy at 7pm when the group of supporters gathered at Largo Fontanella Borghese.

Describing the incident as "tense" the police said the group were "singing and screaming" in front of the embassy.

"One of them, drunk, began to mock the soldier with the aim of challenging him.

"The situation gradually degenerated when the fan started to shove the soldier, trying to grab his submachine gun."

According to the statement a local police patrol spotted the incident and intervened by blocking the Irish fan and dispersing the rest of the group "that in the meantime had surrounded the van".

The man was arrested and later transferred to the San Giovanni hospital where medical checks were carried out.

The Irish Sun is reporting that he spent a night in custody and appeared before a magistrate on Saturday.

The newspaper added that he must return to the city in June to contest the charges of violence and resisting arrest.