Irish motorist clocks up €155k in M50 toll fines


A motorist who has travelled on the M50 1,018 times without paying has racked up a bill of €155,000.

The giant fine, which is higher than the average house price in 19 Irish counties, was just one of hundreds issued to motorists who passed through the barrier-free collection point on the M50 in 2014.

Reports in today’s Irish Independent indicate that these unpaid fines may cost the state a potential €5m in revenue.

Almost 43 million journeys were made through the toll point in 2014, which tallies up to a cool €100m, according to the National Roads Authority (NRA).

And the 4pc of drivers who refused to pay their toll represented a 25pc increase on the year before, when there was almost €4m in unpaid toll fees in 2013.

An NRA spokesperson said that €1.7m - 34pc - of the unpaid tolls consisted of fees which had been applied to cars with international registration plates, and 95pc of these cars were from the UK.

The maximum amount a driver's bill can rise to for a single unpaid journey is €152.60. The toll fee starts at €3.10 for users who aren't registered. "However, there is no cap on what a driver can owe if he makes multiple passages without paying," Sean O'Neill from the NRA said.

The NRA has said that legal proceedings can be issued, and in some cases personal property may be repossessed to cover the costs.

They have also employed help from a London-based collection agency, Euro Park Collections (EPC), to help them recoup some of their debts.