Irish mother slams 'horrific' hospital waiting lists as young son suffers chronic pain

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Shaun Winter
Shaun Winter

A mother has slammed the "horrific" hospital waiting lists as her son lies at home in agony, unable to attend to school.

Anne Marie Winter from Co Louth said her 14-year-old son Shaun has been suffering all his life from scoliosis.

"Two years ago Shaun had rods put in his back to help him. His foot also collapsed because of the pressure from the weight of his back on one side and we kept trying to get surgery for that too," mum Anne Marie told

Last month the third-year student fell and cracked one of the rods in his back.

"I brought him straight to Crumlin Hospital and they said they would try see to him as soon as possible but we're still waiting.

"Shaun is in huge amounts of pain and can't go to school anymore. He was given morphine but we're trying not to take it if we can help it.

"He's a good boy, he enjoys being in school but his teachers rang last week to say he's in agony and I have to take him home. He couldn't even sit down."

Anne Marie brought Shaun to the A&E in Drogheda and said they were "shocked" at Shaun's deterioration.

"They were shocked how bad things were for Shaun. They asked if Crumlin and rang them straight away.

"He's at home at the moment in agony, with no date for a surgery."

She described the waiting lists as "horrific", as nothing is being done to help him.

"I don't understand how something as simple as a sore foot was allowed to escalate to this. It's a joke.

"I hate fighting with Shaun's medical team too trying to get him a surgery because they've been caring for him since he was a baby. It's not their fault."

She said Shaun never complains, despite his pain.

"Shaun never complains about the pain, he puts up with it but he's in absolute agony."