"Still shaking": Irish model describes vicious mugging in Dublin yesterday

Attack: Model Thalia Heffernan
Attack: Model Thalia Heffernan

An Irish model has described a vicious mugging she was subjected to in Dublin yesterday.

Thalia Heffernan (20), who is one of Ireland's most well-known fashion models, took to Facebook to describe the violence she personally experienced on the streets of the capital. 

The 20-year-old Dubliner said she was mugged on the way to a fashion show at Brown Thomas in Dublin. 

She spoke to Brendan O'Connor this morning but yesterday posted the following message to her Facebook. 

"To the horrible girl who hit me in the face and robbed my bag this morning, to the guy who helped her, and to their thieving little friends for watching, my sincerest fuck you. No older than around 18, this young girl hit me three or more times in the face, elbowed and shoved me in an attempt to pull my backpack off my arm, while another young guy came behind me and grabbed the other side. Nearly pulling my jumper and arms with them, they ran away with everything I had.

"What's worse is that there was nothing I could do to even attempt to defend myself, despite screaming and crying after them. I knew if I tried to fight back that it would end badly, and maybe even with me in hospital. Even now, a number of hours later, I'm still shaking writing this.

"No matter how hard you train or how well your capable of fighting your corner, young kids in gangs like this can render you completely useless. They're ruthless and will do anything to get what they want. I don't understand how anyone could ever even consider doing that to another person. I hope I can help the gardai in identifying at least some of them, and eventually have them all pay for what they've done not only to me but countless others."

Describing the attack this morning, she said: "She asked to give her my bag, which I didn’t do that’s when she began to hit me.

"She hit me three times in the face with the palm of her hand. When they noticed she couldn't get the bag herself, a boy came behind me and grabbed it from my shoulder.

"When they did grab the bag off me, I did manage to rip a pocket off it, which I then gave to the Gardai as a piece of fabric my bag was made of." 

She said she never expected something like that to happen to her and said she'll be more cautious in the future. 

She added Gardai were investigating the incident.