Irish man and partner stuck in Mexico with their 3 surrogate babies

Lachlan, Kelly and Blake (Image via givealittle)
Lachlan, Kelly and Blake (Image via givealittle)

An Irish man and his partner are appealing for help after becoming stranded in Mexico with their three surrogate babies.

Nicky Beard, who was originally from Ireland, and his New Zealand partner David had arranged to have 'triplings' via a Mexican surrogacy agency.

The three babies, a girl and two boys, are 'triplings' as all three are conceived using the same eggs and sperm, that are then implanted in different surrogate mothers.

The couple flew from their home in Auckland to Mexico to meet the triplings - named Lachlan, Kelly and Blake - but they are now unable to take them home.

A fundraising page set up for the couple by Grace Nixon, a friend of the couple, says that the high hospital costs in Mexico and some difficulties with the surrogacy agency have led to them being stranded.

On the page Nixon alleges that the agency made the couple pay twice for the birthing fees and then the requirement for Lachlan to receive specialist care in hospital led to the couple facing huge medical bills.

The couple are believed to be the last to be able to use this particular type of surrogacy as Mexico have brought in stricter laws in this area in recent months.

David and Nicky Beard with Lachlan, Kelly and Blake (Image via Facebook/David Beard)

So far almost €8,000 has been raised for the couple via the page and the couple are also looking for the Mexican and New Zealand government to come to their aid.

David, a prominent lawyer and owner of an Auckland law firm, and Nicky have enlisted well-known family lawyer Margaret Casey QC to help fight their case.

They are also asking the New Zealand immigration minister to intervene so the children can have New Zealand passports issued immediately by the embassy in Mexico City, rather than wait for Mexican passports.

The New Zealand Government said they are aware of the couple's case and have provided advice.