Irish ghostbusters snap "full-body" image of a ghost at a graveside

Spooky: The full-body image snapped by the society
Spooky: The full-body image snapped by the society

A LEADING Irish 'ghostbusting' team are now fielding calls for supernatural investigations every month amid soaring interest in the spirit world.

The Cork Supernatural Society - key participants in the 15th World Ghost Convention in Cork Gaol this weekend - admitted that they are now struggling to cope with the number of nationwide requests for assistance.

Homeowners and business operators have contacted them for assistance in clarifying precisely what is causing things to go 'bump in the night.'

The majority of investigations involve family homes but the team have also been called out to pubs, furniture stores, castles and even an old abbey.

Their work has taken them from Cork to Wexford, Offaly, Dublin and Carlow.

Roughly 10pc of call-outs involve noises that cannot be explained by old plumbing systems, electrical machinery switching on or the contractions of beams linked to temperature changes.

"There has never been as much interest in the supernatural and the spirit world," Jackie Clarke of CSS explained.

"I think this has been driven by the number of TV shows, films and books that now involve supernatural themes.

"We are certainly dealing with several times the number of calls that we received just a few years ago."

Jackie admitted that their philosophy is to 'debunk' the initial ghost claims by simple physical explanations.

"You'd be surprised how much noise you can explain from plumbing and heating systems."

But 10pc of calls involve noises that cannot be explained by any normal means - and some of these result in voices or even images captured on the team's specialist audio and video recording equipment.

"We have a number of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) recorded from our investigations - these are basically voice-like sounds that respond to specific questions asked out loud in the property by the team during their analysis."

In one particular case, the team discovered a full-body image on camera footage used during an outdoor investigation.

"That was from an investigation at Timoleague Abbey in west Cork only a few weeks ago," Jackie explained.

"We were the only ones there and it was only after we left and we studied the camera footage that we discovered the full-body image near a grave."

Ralph Riegel via Herald