Irish fashion site a hit with Kim Kardashian

Irish fashion site a hit with Kim Kardashian

An Irish start-up website has found a famous fan in the form of Kim Kardashian.

Open For Vintage was founded by Irish entrepreneurs Colin Saunders, Sarah Byrne and James Loftus in 2015 offering clothing dating back to the 1900s from a host of boutiques.

Reality star Kim Kardashian came across the website and bought a number of pieces and sported one of its skirts on Valentine's Day while out on a date with husband Kanye West.

"One of her stylists said Kim Kardashian is really into 80s and 90s right now and we found some cool pieces on the site and we'd like to look at a few so we gave her a shopping list," Colin told the Herald.

"Fantastically, Kim decided to buy a number of pieces. We didn't expect the day after getting news of this she would wear the Escada skirt on Valentine's night in New York."

Colin, from Rathfarnham, said it was a major boost to see the celeb wear a dress bought from their site.

"She's obviously an incredibly well-known personality and that's great for us. We're really out to support boutiques and we're really out to get their beautiful products online. That's our bread and butter.

"You can buy stunning vintage pieces and not always have to follow the crowd. We offer pieces that are different and give people personality and individuality," he said.

Open For Vintage has also attracted the attention of Vogue Williams, Millie Mackintosh and Una Healy.

Via Herald