Irish actor heading up the dance charts

Conleth Kane
Conleth Kane

Irish actor Conleth Kane has got the backing of his celebrity pals for a new dance track that’s already been hailed as a summer anthem.

Conleth, who’s performed with Pink, partied with Pamela Anderson and counts Jessie J among his friends penned dance track Giving It Up about an ex who didn’t love him back.

It’s led to a duet with Brit Award winner Sonique and backing from pal Andy Bell, the front man of eighties band Erasure.

Weeks before its release the track has already been included on BBC playlists, picked up by Gaydio and hailed as an instant classic by GNI magazine.

For the Lurgan-born actor it’s been a hectic experience which started when a friend stood him up on a night out in London.

By chance he bumped into a music  manager and within a week he was in the studio with a new production team Deep Matter.

“They told me to write about something I felt and the lyrics and melody just flowed out of me – I hadn’t written music since I did my GCSEs.

“It wrote about a guy I was seeing who was great fun when we were together and then behaved as if I didn’t exist when we were apart.

“Well Taylor Swift and Adele have made the most money from bashing men so I can too.”

His track is already being played in clubs in London and he hopes the buzz will make it a hit.

“It went on the BBC two weeks ago which has put me on their summer anthems website.

“I was on holiday in Majorca last weekend when Gaydio played it. It’s one of the top five radio stations in the UK so me and my friends were dancing around the pool.”

Conleth has also got the backing of Erasure’s Andy Bell after the pair became friends last year.

He invited the singer to theatre show Rise Like a Phoenix last year and says the eighties pop star has given the track his backing.

“I invited Andy to a show I was in and I went to one of his shows. I grew up listening to him – my brother and sister always played Erasure when they babysat me and he was an influence on the song.”

Another music idol, Sonique has also asked to work with Conlth after hearing his new track.

He’s written another song, Take Me Higher, a happier track about new partner Richard, which she heard through another producer and rang the Lurgan man to ask if they could duet.

“I was like a wee girl at a Westlife concert when she phoned me. I thought she wanted to take the track for herself but she wanted to sing it with me.

“I didn’t tell her that I’d bought all her CDs in Woolworths in Lurgan when I was growing up. They’re still under the bed in my mum’s house at home.”

The 32 year old has established himself in musical theatre over the last decade and worked with Pamela Anderson who spent Christmas with him when he was snowbound in England, Gok Wan and Stephanie Beacham. He’s also a college pal of Jessie J’s and has duetted with pop singer Pink.

He released his first single, a cover version of Joni Mitchell’s River last Christmas, which gave him the urge to write his own material.

“River got a lot of airplay at home around Christmas. Whatever work I’ve done nothing beats hearing your own song on the radio.

“On Christmas Day I was in the car with my mum when River came on the radio straight after Mariah Carey. That was amazing.

“It’s like I’ve come full circle because music was always my first love.

“And now in the last two or three weeks the music side of my life has just taken off,” says Conleth.

Giving It Up is available to pre-order on iTunes and will be released on July 4.

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