Ireland set to enjoy a red-hot summer, experts say

Ireland set to enjoy a red-hot summer, experts say

Dust off the bikinis and fill up the paddling pools, this summer is set to be the hottest in years.

Long-term forecasts indicate that this June and July are expected to be the hottest months of the year, and are set to overshadow the blistering summer season of 2014.

After last years summer fiasco, experts say we can look forward to longer periods of sunshine and above average temperatures hitting the mid - to late - 20’s.

Meteorologists have also said that it’s possible that the rising mercury levels for June could be on par with those from 1976, where temperatures reached a staggering 32.5 degrees Celsius.

James Madden, meteorologist with Exacta Weather, said: “As things stand, Ireland can start to look forwards to some nice weather towards the end of May, as high pressure starts to dominate proceedings.

“It looks like there’ll be lengthy periods of warm sunshine and above average temperatures between late May and July and although question marks surround the August period, it will certainly be a big improvement on anything we have experienced in recent years.”

Although, trying not to get ahead of ourselves just yet, Met Eireann have predicted that the next three days will be “windy, cool days, with showers or longer spells of rain moving in off the Atlantic from time to time.”

And as for Madden’s predictions for the spring, it’s set to be “fairly normal”, Ireland should expect some near to below-average temperatures, with some nicer weather to look forward to towards the end of May.