Ireland’s newest multi-millionaire has made contact

Ireland’s newest multi-millionaire has made contact

The winner of last week’s Euromillions jackpot has made contact with the National Lottery.

It’s not known who won the jackpot but according to reports they have been given preliminary advice in relation to their winnings. 

A shopkeeper who sold a €94m winning Euromillions ticket is warning that we may never know who Ireland’s newest millionaire is.

Susan Barry’s Mace shop in Beaumont, Dublin, sold a €94m jackpot winner in June 2013.

However, Ms Barry has warned that the winner has never revealed themselves to the public and we could be left waiting once again.

“We weren’t told anything at the time or even what kind of a ticket it was so that they could protect his anonymity,” she said.

“I wouldn’t come out and say it,” she added.

“We weren’t too worried about him coming forward unless he was going to share it with us.”