PIC: We find Kinahan thug on a Belfast booze up

Gareth Chubb pictured on the streets of Belfast
Gareth Chubb pictured on the streets of Belfast

THIS is Kinahan Cartel associate Gareth Chubb as he made a secret trip to Ireland this week, three weeks before Dutch authorities decide whether to convict him on firearms and attempted manslaughter charges.

The Sunday World tracked down the  gangster to a hotel in Belfast city centre on Saturday, where he met up with a number of people close to him over the last few days. 

And while Chubb may be one of ‘Ireland’s most wanted’, with both the Hutch mob and the Gardaí taking a keen interest in his whereabouts, the convicted criminal certainly didn’t dress inconspicuously.

He could be seen wearing an eye-catching salmon-coloured tracksuit – topped off with a designer leather man-bag.

Chubb (30) was arrested in Amsterdam on February 3 after allegedly pointing a firearm at a man in Smokey’s Café in Rembrandt Square. 

He was released from custody on May 24. 

Dutch prosecutors appeared before magistrates in Amsterdam on Wednesday to recommend Chubb be sentenced to four years for the offences.

However, the court has yet to make a determination on the matter. 

It was initially reported that the attempted manslaughter charges against Chubb had been dropped due to a lack of evidence.

However, this week a spokesman for the Dutch Justice Department told the Sunday World: “The prosecutors recommended a four year sentence for attempted manslaughter and illegal possession of a firearm if he is found guilty. The verdict will be announced on July 26.”

The spokesman added that Chubb was not obliged to be in court for this week’s hearing and was free to travel to Ireland. 

It is believed he came in through Northern Ireland to avoid the attention of Gardaí and rival criminals. 

Security sources said they had received intelligence Chubb was back in Ireland, but said he had not been spotted by Gardaí in the Republic. 

Gardaí want to speak to him in relation to minor offences and were actively seeking him this week.


However, the Sunday World found him at his Belfast bolthole, where he looked like he hadn’t a care in the world. 

He met up with a number of people including his brother Jonathan on the trip. 

While he might be trying to keep a low profile, Chubb wasn’t exactly incognito as he strolled around the city.

Chubb visited restaurants, bars and went on a shopping spree during his trip to Belfast. He looked tired as he walked around yawning after a boozy Friday night. 

Security sources said he may also have visited Dublin while on the trip home, but he was not spotted by Gardaí in the capital. 

As well as Gardaí wanting to speak to him, Chubb has been under threat from rival criminals and was previously told there was a threat to his life. 

He has close links to some of the most senior members of the Kinahan Cartel. 

While he is free to enjoy himself for the time being, he must return to the Netherlands for his court hearing on July 26. 

Armed Dutch police swooped on Smokey’s Café on Sunday February 2 after reports that Chubb had pulled a firearm on a Dutch citizen originally from Nigeria.  It is alleged an argument broke out between Chubb and a man before the Dubliner pulled a firearm on him. Witnesses believe the weapon jammed. 

Customers in the bar flagged down armed officers who entered the bar with their weapons drawn. 

Chubb and three associates – one from Inchicore in Dublin and two from the UK – were arrested as part of the operation. When police searched the premises they discovered a Glock pistol, a Walther PPK, another pistol and a silencer. 

Two years ago the Sunday World revealed how Chubb brought a group of pals on a trip to Prague where they took part in weapons training.

Chubb’s cousin Jay O’Connor was the intended target of a gun attack which claimed the life of innocent man Keith Walker in 2015. Christopher McDonald from East Wall was convicted of Mr Walker’s murder this week.