In pics: Wayne Bradley leaves prison after serving time for botched heist

Wayne Bradley gestures at photographers after leaving Portlaoise Prison today
Wayne Bradley gestures at photographers after leaving Portlaoise Prison today

Gangland criminal Wayne Bradley was released from a high-security prison today after spending almost four years behind bars for his role in a botched €1 million heist.

The Finglas man was photographed leaving Portlaoiuse Prison after completing a sentence for his role in a botched robbery in 2007. 

Bradley was imprisoned for his role in a plot to steal almost €1 million from a cash-in-transit van on November 2, 2007, in Celbridge, Co. Kildare.

The audacious plot was spearheaded by gangland figure Eamon 'the Don' Dunne, who was arrested along with the heist team at the scene. 

Three other men were also sentenced for their roles including a Chubb Ireland employee who acted as an “inside man”.

But the massive heist was foiled after a lengthy Garda surveillance operation and the gang was caught in the act. 

His associate, the notorious 'Don', would be assassinated in Dublin before the gang would be convicted for the failed heist. 

He was sitting in the Fassaugh House pub in Dublin on April 23, 2010, about to pay lounge boy Geng Zian for a 7-Up when his killer arrived.

Seconds earlier, a red VW Passat had pulled up outside the Cabra pub and three armed men with their faces concealed emerged.

One stood at the door, while another two walked into the pub. One stood back and kept guard as the other man walked to within a few feet of Dunne and shouted at terrified punters to “get down on the floor”.

Dunne grabbed Zian and tried to use him as a human shield. Luckily, someone pushed the lounge boy out of the way just before the gunman fired a dozen shots at ‘the Don’.

In the years before the spectacular hit, Dunne signed his own death warrant by ordering upwards of a dozen murders during a reign of terror as Ireland’s most ruthless gang boss.

Upon Wayne Bradley's release, he will be closely monitored by armed officers, who will also play a role in protecting him after he became involved in a number of disputes in jail.

Sources say that a number of threats have been made to the Finglas criminal from rival gangsters and he "would be best advised to keep his head down" in the coming weeks.

The beating inflicted on Bradley led to fears of a gangland bloodbath between the two factions, but there have not been any major incidents since the brutal assault.

However, gardai are on alert that a feud may kick off now that Bradley is free.

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