"I went downstairs, thought she was messing and we both looked at the numbers on Aertel"

The retired couple collected their cheque today in Dublin
The retired couple collected their cheque today in Dublin

A retired couple who have won almost €3 million in the Lotto rechecked the numbers countless times the old-fashioned way - on Aertel.

The married couple, who have seven grown children, arrived at the National Lottery headquarters today to collect their cheque - which is for a whopping €2,905,586.

They told reporters present the good news came less than a week after celebrating their golden anniversary, and that their first port of call is Marks & Spencer. 

"I’m planning the mother and father of a spending spree in Marks & Spencer," the delighted wife, who is a self confessed M&S "addict", said. 

On Wednesday night, they realised they had the winning numbers from a €4 Quickpick ticket purchased in The Kiosk outlet in Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre.

"I think we've won the Lotto," the south Dublin husband heard his wife shout up the stairs to him. 

"I went downstairs, thought she was messin’ and we both looked at the numbers on Aertel. Couldn’t believe our eyes. When our son, who lives with us, came home from work, we got him to check again. But there they were. Still can’t believe it," he said.

"And I had the best night’s sleep ever on Wednesday night, whereas the missus didn’t sleep a wink!".

They have seven children (three boys and four girls) and ten grand-children, all of whom live nearby in Dun Laoghaire.

The lucky husband said they are planning a big celebratory dinner this weekend and are just beginning to "live the dream".

"I’m busily planning a cruise, and a trip to Rome. And definitely a trip to San Giovanni in Southern Italy, to visit the final resting place of Saint Padre Pio," he said.

"Oh, and did I mention we’re changing the car as well!"

The other half of the jackpot, which was won by an online player, has not yet been collected. 

The couple’s winning numbers were: 11,16,21,27,29,35 Bonus number 43.