Hutch family member booking into hotels using bizarre fake names

Ross Hutch on Winning Streak
Ross Hutch on Winning Streak

A member of the Hutch gang is booking himself into hotels under "bizarre false foreign names" in a bid to stay one step ahead of the rival Kinahans.

Ross Hutch (24) was in The Sunset House in Summerhill on Monday night when the sixth victim of the gang feud was shot dead.

It is understood that Hutch fled the pub after dissident republican Michael 'Mickey' Barr (34) was murdered.

It has now emerged that Hutch has been too terrified to stay in his family home in the Dorset Street area of the capital after the gruesome murder of his father Eddie Hutch Snr.

Taxi driver Eddie (58), brother of gangland boss Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch was shot dead on February 8 at his home in Poplar Row in nearby Ballybough, as part of the bitter feud.

"Ross has been booking into different city centre hotels under a bizarre fake foreign name but this has not always worked out for him.

"In some cases, hotel staff have become aware of his true identity and have then refused to allow him to stay because of security concerns," a source explained.

"This has meant that he has had to stay in safe houses on occasion as well."

Sources say that Hutch has "very good reason to be paranoid" because he was been identified as a key target for the Kinahan cartel.

He has been warned of a threat against his life from the mob in the aftermath of the Regency Hotel gun attack.

Hutch featured on RTE's Winning Streak last year and left presenter Sinead Kennedy red-faced after he paid her a compliment.

He appeared as a contestant on behalf of his older brother, Eddie (41), and the pair walked away with some €33,000 in cash and prizes from the National Lottery show.

Hutch has 54 previous convictions for offences, including assault, dangerous driving and endangerment, robbery and violent disorder.

In October 2013, he was given a three-year suspended sentence after he was caught carrying a sawn-off shotgun in a shopping bag on a Dublin street.

The then 21-year-old pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to possession of the firearm on Sean McDermott Street on May 25, 2012.

The court heard that Hutch had been under threat at the time and had a serious drug addiction, but had successfully completed a five-month treatment programme.

His older brother, Alan Hutch (35), is serving an eight-year jail sentence for threatening to kill three gardai and claiming he had a grenade.

Alan Hutch was on bail for a violent robbery and dangerous driving when he assaulted the gardai in November, 2012.

In the aftermath of his father Eddie's savage murder in February, Alan was forcibly placed under maximum protection in Mountjoy Prison after gardai uncovered evidence of a plot by the Kinahan cartel to kill him next.

Prison bosses were forced to use a Control and Restraint team to remove Hutch from the Training Centre after gardai asked for his removal from general population with immediate effect.

He was later refused compassionate leave for his father's funeral because of security fears surrounding his release.

Meanwhile, there have been no arrests yet in relation to the feud-related murder of dissident republican 'Mickey' Barr on Monday night, the sixth fatality in the gang warfare.