Husband of missing woman - 'I was seconds away from taking my life'

Richard Satchwell with a picture of wife Tina
Richard Satchwell with a picture of wife Tina

THE husband of missing Cork woman Tina Satchwell has claimed he was seconds away from taking his own life after her disappearance and he now feels completely isolated.

Richard Satchwell said he believes Tina, who went missing from their home in Youghal in March, is still alive and hiding out. 

In an interview with the Sunday World Richard (50), said he last saw Tina (45), at their home on the morning of March 20, shortly before he travelled to Aldi in Dungarvan. 

He said that when he returned Tina was missing, along with two suitcases and €26,000 in cash. She did not take her phone or bank card with her. 

She also didn’t have a passport and Richard said she was afraid to fly. 

Richard said he only reported her missing four days later because he thought she may have gone off to clear her head for a few days. However, as the days passed he became distraught and almost took his own life. 

“When Tina got up and left I wasn’t working, I was on welfare. Being in the house all day on my own and not having her to talk to – I was literally seconds away from taking my own life,” he told us.


He said a doctor has now prescribed him anti-depressants but he doesn’t want to take them as he got new job shortly after her disappearance.  

Richard claimed he got a job driving a truck delivering tyres around the country to try and distract him, but everywhere he goes he thinks of Tina. 

“I do get black moments. I could pass somewhere and the memory comes and then the tears start coming. At the same time, if I gave the job up and stayed at home I’d say within a month I wouldn’t be here.”

He said he is not angry at Tina for leaving or taking the €26,000 and just wants her back. 

“I pray every night that she just turns up. I mean what I say – my arms are open.

“I’m not angry, I’d just be totally relieved to have her back. I’m disappointed. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. Every penny I’ve ever had, as far as I’m concerned, is hers – so the money wouldn’t bother me.”

Richard, who is from England, also said he feels completely alone without any support from locals in Youghal. 

“I do feel isolated. I’ll be honest with you, in Youghal I’m on my own. After CrimeCall, I was out on the truck and didn’t get back until Wednesday. I went through Youghal and I felt like an alien. People are curious I suppose.”

He was also angry at people suggesting to him that Tina was dead. 

“I had a reporter on the phone to me yesterday talking a whole load of bulls**t. He said to me, ‘do know they’re not looking for Tina alive, they’re looking for a body now?’ and all that kind of rubbish. 

“I know it’s not true. I got off the phone with him and I was in bits. It’s the total insensitivity of it.”

He said he was also angry that broadcasters covered the story by interviewing members of Tina’s family, but didn’t contact him.  

Richard doesn’t believe his wife was murdered or that she took her own life. 


“My gut feeling is she’s holed up somewhere,” he said.

He also said he doesn’t think she was attacked during a robbery.

“Her grandfather taught her to box. She can hit as hard as any man. She’s no pushover.”

He is also adamant that Tina hasn’t run off to start a relationship with someone else. 

“There was nothing [to suggest that]. She told people the day before how much she loved me and how she’d never do anything to hurt me. Then the next day she disappeared.”

He said she had been upset in the months before she disappeared and he would lie awake with her at night to calm her. 

“I did ask on a couple of occasions for her to go to the doctor over her feeling upset. Neither one of us like going to the doctors.

The couple met in England 28 years ago and started a relationship which led to him falling out with his family, who he said don’t like Irish people. 

He said while Tina didn’t speak to some members of her family, reports that there was some big family feud were wrong. 

“It’s just we’re so far from one another. It’s been put in the papers ‘family at war, feuding family’ and stuff like that and it’s not at all like that.”

Richard said as each day passes with no answers, he gets more upset. 

“To be honest, I go through a state of emotions. I feel hopeless. At this point I’d take any bit of information. Even if she said I’ve met someone else – it would cripple me – but I’d know she’s out there.”