Hunter from US causes outrage by posting images of dead giraffe

Outrage: Corgatelli posted this image to her Facebook page
Outrage: Corgatelli posted this image to her Facebook page

A US hunting tourist has provoked an online backlash after posting images of herself with several dead animals after a trip to South Africa.

Sabrina Corgatelli, who is a senior accountant and hunting enthusiast from Idaho in the States, posted the pictures to her her Facebook page which show a number of animals she has hunted. One of the animals she killed was a giraffe. 

Corgatelli has been posting hunting pictures from Old Days Safari park in South Africa on social media since July. Her Facebook page has been bombarded with hostile comments which appear under many of the images. 

She wrote on her Facebook: "To all the haters. Stay tuned, you’re gonna have so much more to be p***** off about."

The caption underneath the picture of Corgatelli with the giraffe reads: "Day #2 I got a amazing old Giraffe. Such a amazing animal!! I couldn't be any happier!! My emotion after getting him was a feeling I will never forget!!!"

She commented under the picture, saying: "I have so much respect and love for this animal. It was the most ethical shot I have ever made!!! I have such a disbelief that I got a giraffe!!!"

Since the illegal killing of one of Africa's most popular lions, Cecil, there has been a vociferous response to hunting wild animals. 

In response to critics on her social media pages, Corgatelli quoted the Bible on hunting: "Genesis 9:3 says, 'Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.'#

Genesis 27:3 says, 'Now then, take your weapons, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me,'" she wrote.

Ms Corgatelli's trophy kills during her South African trip with her partner Aaron Neilson include giraffe, kudu (pictured above), impala, wildebeest and warthog (pictured above).