Huge increase in Chlamydia cases in Dublin

Huge increase in Chlamydia cases in Dublin

Chlamydia is on the rise according to the latest report from Dublin’s Well Woman Centre.

Figures show that there has been a 32 per cent increase in people testing positive for Chlamydia in 2014.

The organisation’s 2014 Annual Report shows that 253 positive cases of the Chlamydia infection were recorded in 2014, an increase of 32 per cent on the same figure for 2013.

This is the second highest figure recorded over the last 13 years.

The number of people presenting for testing for Chlamydia also reached the highest level ever in 2014, with 5,042 tests conducted across the organisation’s three Dublin clinics.

This is a 20 per cent increase on the same figure for 2013.

Alison Begas, Chief Executive of the Dublin Well Woman Centre, says that despite increased awareness about sexual health, prevalence rates for certain STIs are still rising at an alarming rate and more needs to be done to reduce the spread of these infections.

“These results highlight the need to expedite publication of the National Sexual Health Strategy,” she said.

“Access to standardised testing must be improved nationwide. 

“These diseases are becoming more prevalent, and we need action from the HSE now.”

Figures released by the Well Woman Centre also show an increase in the number of females using Long Acting Reversible Contraception and a big drop in number of smear tests being conducted.