Huge charitable effort raises over £50k for the family of Karen Buckley

Sad: Karen Buckley
Sad: Karen Buckley

A gofundme page set up by friends of Karen Buckley has raised over £50,000 for the family of the student.

The page was set up on Wednesday evening with the goal of raising £5,000 for the family, but the response so far has been enormous.

The unfolding events in Glasgow this week have been tough to take in, and the toll it has exerted on the student's family can scarcely be imagined.

On top of the emotional toll, leaving their home in Cork to travel to Scotland has also resulted in some financial costs so friends of the student nurse at the University of Limerick set up a page to raise money for the family.

Launched last night at 9.30m, the page has raised more than £50,000 - which is almost €70,000 - for Karen's family. 

Her friends thanked everybody for their generosity and support. 

"We hope that what has been raised will be of help in any way possible to Karen's family", the page reads. "Thank you all so much for your amazing generosity."

The page is full of touching tributes to the young student. 

"My thoughts are with you all at this awful time, there are no words to heal your pain but I hope all the support will help in some way, Carolyn & James, Dundee x" one couple wrote. 

"RIP Karen, your beautiful smile will be what you are remembered for. Very upset for your parents, family and friends. I hope they will find strength to deal with this tragedy and that they get justice for you", one wrote. 

Another wrote: "I moved here from Ireland in my early twenties, I love home and I love Glasgow, so incredibly upset at what has happened to this sweet beautiful girl Karen. All good people of Glasgow and Scotland are desperately sad and wish we could turn back time for Karen and all who love her."

Some people asked for donations to be reopened so that they could contribute, Claire Agathe wrote: "Just tried to donate but it states this is now closed. I hope it opens again as I am sure a lot more people will want to help. RIP Karen x."