How does your Irish passport rank among the world's most powerful?

Useful: The Irish passport allows us visa-free travel to 171 countries
Useful: The Irish passport allows us visa-free travel to 171 countries

Your passport is like a clearance badge - some get you all the way to the top of the building, some will hardly open a janitor's closet.

The nationality of your passport is highly important and it can have a major impact on where you can and can't travel. 

Travel search engine GoEuro has ranked passports from 50 global countries, and the top 10 is almost exclusively dominated by European countries. 

The passports of five different countries were found to entitle holders visa-free entry into 174 other states. Atop the list is Sweden. 

Each country was then graded on price of the document, with the cheapest placing higher on the list. Consequently, Sweden - where a passport costs €39 - was victorious, ahead of Finland, Germany, the UK - where its costs £73 - and the US.

The ability of a citizen to obtain a passport is a key point when considering the passport value, which is why they also factored in data such as length of validity and the amount of hours a citizen must work to obtain their passport. In Sweden you need just work one hour to quality for a passport. 

All factors were weighted and scored to produce the ultimate passport ranking.

The Irish passport, as you can see, is allowed visa-free entry to 171 global countries. We were ranked 17th behind Norway and Austria due to the price of our passport. 

Turkey has the most expensive passport despite being ranked 40th on the list.