House destroyed by disgusting tenants

House destroyed by disgusting tenants
House destroyed by disgusting tenants
House destroyed by disgusting tenants

Disgusting tenants use toilet as floor and leave bags of faeces and maggots around destroyed house.

Earlier today listeners to Cork’s Neil Prendeville show heard from Val Calnan who rented a house to a couple with three young kids, only to be left with a wrecked property.

Red FM’s Facebook page states that the three toilets in the house were blocked so the occupiers then decided to use the floors of the house and black bags as toilets for the last number of months.

He found a black bag in the hall full of maggots and faeces. Every appliance in the house from the en-suite, kitchen, sitting room, floors, and furniture had to be replaced.

49-year-old Val spoke to The Irish Daily Mirror, telling them:

“We rented it out several times to different couples and we never had any problem.”

“Then we rented it to this family about two and a half years ago. Everything seemed fine; the rent was paid on time.”

“The few times I had been there, it was as you’d see in a normal house where you have small kids. It was messy but nothing unusual, nothing like this. Then a few months ago, we just had no access to the house.

“Every time we phoned them, they said they’d meet us in town for the rent. So my wife was passing the house on Monday last week and she saw that the door was half opened.

“She stopped the car, walked in, and it was like something you’d see in a horror movie.

“The place was covered in human faeces, and urine.

“It was horrible. She phoned me crying, she was in shock,” he told The Irish Daily Mirror.

Mr Calnan said he had since evicted the tenants and begun trying to clear up the mess they left behind.

He told Red FM that he spent over six-thousand euros repairing the house.

Reports indicate that Val will be speaking to the gardai and HSE about the couple and their small children.