Horse stabbed to death during row between two men in Limerick (Warning: Graphic)

Sick: The horse was left bleeding to death in a pool of its own blood
Sick: The horse was left bleeding to death in a pool of its own blood

A horse was left to bleed to death after it was stabbed following a row between two men in a housing estate.

Describing the incident as “one of the most horrendous things” they had ever seen, the Limerick Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said the horse was “chased through the street before being left to die by the roadside”, the Independent reported.

It is understood that the animal was left in a pool of its own blood after it was stabbed during a heated argument between two men on Lenihan Avenue in Prospect, near Limerick city.

The ownership of the horse was being fought over when one of the young men pulled out a knife and accidentally stabbed the animal while attempting to attack the other man.

The horse suffered a serious punctured wound to its stomach before trying to flee.

According to witnesses, the men proceeded to chase the animal down and stabbed it multiple times.

“They left it to die were it fell,” a LSPCA member said.

“In my 40 years helping animals, I’ve never seen anything like it – of all the cases I’ve dealt with, this one cut straight through me.”

“They didn’t know where its heart was, so they kept stabbing it over and over again.”

“After they were done, they just left it to die by the roadside.”

The LSPCA told that the attack took place less than 10 minutes from Limerick City shortly after 12:30 pm.

Unable to move the animal, volunteers watched over it  for four hours before it finally passed away.

One of the charity’s volunteers, who did not wish to be named, said: “I just don’t understand how people could do something like this.”

“This is the straw that breaks the camels back – they brutalised this poor animal, and for what? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

A Garda spokesperson said they were “aware of the incident” and were reviewing CCTV in the area.

Anyone with information about the attack has been asked to contact the Roxboro Gardai station on 061214340.

Donations to the LSPCA can be made via their website. For more information, contact: 061 415618.

David Kearns, Irish Independent