HORRIFIC: Dead six-month-old had cocaine and other drugs in her stomach


A baby who was allowed to go home with her drug addict parents after being born premature had painkillers, antidepressants and cocaine in her stomach after she died.

The six-month-old baby, who is being referred to as Mary (not her real name) died in July 2013, in Liverpool, UK.

The infant’s cause of death was deemed to be “unascertained” by the coroner due to a lack of evidence.

A post-mortem revealed the presence “at very low levels” of cocaine, tramadol and mirtazapine in Mary’s stomach.

It has been reported that Mary was the youngest of four born to a 30-year-old mother and 33-year-old father.

She was born into a home which was known to the social services because of concerns relating to domestic violence, alcohol abuse and child neglect.

The family came to the attention of the children’s social care unit five times between 2008 and 2012, reports The Mirror.

Mary was born 12-weeks premature and was diagnosed with a number of medical conditions.

She was kept in hospital for three months before being discharged into the care of her parents.

A community nurse made a number of follow-up visits before Mary’s death in July 2013.

Police found a syringe, drugs and beer cans on the premises and the baby’s mother admitted using cocaine and cannabis in the house.

The drugs which were found in Mary’s system could have come from the environment or through resuscitation attempts and were not considered to have directly led to her death.

The death of baby Mary was described as “extremely sad and tragic” by the chair of Liverpool’s safeguarding board.