Heavy rain to arrive just in time to wreck your weekend

Heavy rain to arrive just in time to wreck your weekend

The weather will take a turn this weekend as the scattered showers we’ve been seeing turn to more persistent heavy rain.

Scattered showers in the south and east will start to move across the midlands tomorrow before taking a turn on Friday.

“We’ve had easterly winds from Scandinavia preventing the Atlantic fronts from coming in, but now that the winds have settled we’ll see heavy rain from the Southwest spreading elsewhere,” according to Met Éireann.

“There will be drier and brighter periods as well though – it’s not all doom and gloom.

Luckily for this week at least, it won’t get much colder. Nights will stay chilly, getting as low as two degrees on Thursday night, but days are staying between 11 and 15 degrees over the weekend.

“We’ve been seeing some light frosts in the mornings but no more than that,” the forecaster said.

Motorists should take care on the roads this weekend; Met Éireann has no warnings in place for ice, but heavy rains can leave large puddles on roads and cause cars to slip.