Heartbroken parents of murdered twins wants death house demolished

Paddy, Thomas and Jonathan O'Driscoll
Paddy, Thomas and Jonathan O'Driscoll

The parents of twins who were murdered by one of their sons have pleaded with the council to have the house in which the boys died demolished.

Helen O'Driscoll tell today's Sun that she believes the souls of nine-year-old Thomas and Patrick, who were murdered by their 21-year-old brother Jonathan O'Driscoll in 2014, are trapped in the family home and that they need it to be demolished.

Helen, her husband Thomas and their young children now live in a caravan near the house in Charleville and they don't know why the council haven't followed through on their promise to knock down the home where Jonathan stabbed his siblings to death before taking his own life at another location.

"The council are supposed to knock the house down before Christmas and get us another one in Charleville as I want to keep the boys in school locally," Helen tells the Sun. 

"One minute they are telling us they're knocking it and the next nothing happens. I've lost faith in the council as it is all promises and they are being broken." 

Helen says she believes the house needs to go for her sons to be at peace.

"My twins' souls are trapped inside that house. They will never be able to rest in peace until that house is gone," she says.

Speaking last year, Helen and Thomas said how all three of their dead sons were still in their heart.

"May God give my three boys a bed in heaven, my three little angels," Helen said.

"I would never turn back the pages - especially with Jonathan," father Thomas said.

"All of our family are our pride and our joy. I will never forget the three boys - Jonathan, Paddy and Tom Tom - may they rest in peace forever," he said.