Have you heard about about the big changes on the way for the Lotto?

Big changes on the way for the Lotto
Big changes on the way for the Lotto

If you are a regular player of the Lotto there are some big changes on the way you need to know about.

The biggest change is that the cost of playing the game is going up by one euro, the first price increase in nine years.

Two lines of the main game will now cost €4 to play, and adding the Lotto Plus option will now cost a total of €5.

Furthermore, the odds of winning the jackpot will also increase as two more numbers are added to the draw, bringing the total up to 47.

That means the odds of picking the correct six numbers goes from around eight million to one now to around 10.7 million to one.

The changes, due to come into effect next month, will, the organisers say, lead to bigger jackpots and more money for good causes.