UPDATE: Hanging basket thief to return flowers to shop

Owner Brian Noonan (Pic: Herald)
Owner Brian Noonan (Pic: Herald)

A shop owner who said he would “name and shame” a thief who was caught on video stealing his hanging baskets if he didn't come forward by this afternoon has been contacted by the remorseful petal pilferer.

25-year-old Brian Noonan, who owns Noonan’s Checkout in Terenure, Co Dublin, had said he would adorn his shop window with a 2ft by 1ft poster of the thief on his shop window “for a year if needs be”.

The Herald reports that his store was robbed of two hanging baskets on Tuesday night, which he claimed are worth "more than €70 each".

“I just got a call from the man and he has apologised for everything. I don't want to go into details but I believe he's genuinely sorry and that's enough.

“I’m meeting him shortly now to get the baskets back.

“We had a good chat and he’s decided to paid for the damage done to the store, and to also donate some money to a charity to thank all the people who helped track him down.

“This outcome is much better than if the Gardai had gotten involved. I’ve the baskets back, the damage done is going to be paid for, and the guy behind it all is sorry. You couldn’t ask for more.”

 “I got a call from the Data Commission to warn me about putting up the guy’s image and naming him but you can’t argue with results.”

“If you’ve got a clear image or footage and you’ve got a reliable source for who it was, then I’d tell other shops to do the same.”

“Public shaming is effective, it works. It's a much worse fate for a lot of people than a criminal record."