Gun rights mother gets shot in the back by her four-year-old son

Jamie Gilt
Jamie Gilt

Police are trying to determine how a four-year-old boy had access to a gun he used to shoot his mother as she drove a pick-up truck in north Florida.

The shooting happened on Tuesday afternoon. Putnam County Sheriff's spokesman Joseph Wells said 31-year-old Jamie Gilt of Jacksonville owns the gun.

A deputy saw her behaving frantically inside the truck, which was stopped partially in the road. The deputy then saw she had been shot in the back.

Mr Wells said Ms Gilt told deputies her son had accidentally shot her. She was taken to a hospital, but her condition was not immediately available.

Mr Wells added that investigators had not yet been able to interview her.

Ms Gilt, from Jacksonville, frequently posts on social media about her love of guns and her views on Second Amendment rights, as well as her support for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. 

The night before Tuesday's incident she wrote that her “4-year-old gets jacked up to target shoot the .22”. She has also posted a number of comments about how it is better to confront a burglar with a gun than to call the police.

“I can promise though, if someone breaks into my house, or tries to harm me or my family pretty much anywhere, they will be shot and most likely killed,” she said in one post.

“It’s my right to protect my life. Not sit around and wait for someone to come pack up my body or take me to the hospital after I’ve been beaten and raped.”

It is a crime under Florida law for someone to store or leave a loaded gun where a child has access.

Officials added that the boy is now with relatives. The Florida Department of Children and Families is also investigating the incident.