GRAPHIC VIDEO: Woman whips daughter (12) over racy Facebook pictures

Helen Bartlett (right) shared a video showing her beating her 12-year-old daughter
Helen Bartlett (right) shared a video showing her beating her 12-year-old daughter

A video showing a woman from Trinidad and Tobago savagely whipping her 12-year-old daughter for posting provocative photos of herself on Facebook has gone viral.

Helen Bartlett, a mother of four from Point Fortin, is seen on the video beating her daughter while shouting abuse at her – generating huge date in the country on corporal punishment.

On Wednesday, Bartlett’s daughter and her older sister uploaded a separate video, expressing support for their mother.

The brutal attack last Sunday in the Bartletts’ apartment came after the mother discovered a text message exchange between the 12-year-old girl and a boy her age, who was trying to convince her to have sex with him.

After the mother read the messages, she accessed her daughter's Facebook profile and found photos of the girl posing 'seductively' in her underwear. 

Mrs Bartlett was interviewed by a local radio station earlier this week, the woman declared she was 'prepared to go to jail' to set her wayward young daughter on the right path, Trinidad Express reported.  

She only expressed regret that the video has gained such notoriety. 

Ms Bartlett explained that since the girl's father, a police officer, left them, she has exhausted all avenues trying to keep her daughter on the straight and narrow.

She said: “I stand firmly by my decision. I will go to jail for it.

“I know people are saying the authorities should charge me for abuse.”

The girl has not been to school since the video went viral, and her mother said she has been preparing her for potential bullying and mockery from her classmates. 

Speaking about the incident, the 12-year-old at the centre of the controversy said: “I am very sorry for bringing shame on you and the family.

“I know you love me dearly. And I love you dearly, too.”