Gran tormented by UDA thugs says she'll take her own life soon

Tracy Coulter (L) and mum Agnes Coulter (R)
Tracy Coulter (L) and mum Agnes Coulter (R)

Agnes Coulter couldn’t stand the pain any longer, driven to her own graveside by the UDA.

Unable to bear the thought of losing another loved one at the hands of the UDA she took a massive overdose just hours after her daughter’s house was torched by the paramilitary group last Monday evening.

Haunted by her belief she will have to stand by the graveside of one of her daughters or grandchildren she took every pill she could lay her hands on in a desperate attempt to end her suffering.

In the depths of despair death seemed a blessed release, the chance to be free of 15 years of murder, intimidation and destruction at the hands of a drug running criminal gang.

Thankfully she was found in time by one of her daughters and rushed to hospital by ambulance where medics saved her life.

And the Sunday World can reveal when she was asked by her distraught family: Why? She replied: “I would rather die that have to bury another person that I love, I just don’t have the strength to go on anymore, I don’t have the strength to watch,”

Agnes, whose husband Jackie was murdered by the UDA during the loyalist feud in 2000, is convinced the terror group will kill another member of her family.

She believes their hatred of daughter Tracey is all consuming and that the UDA will only rest easy when more Coulter blood is spilled on the streets of the Shankill.

This is a family thrown to the wolves, left at the mercy of a violent criminal. Politicians and police have failed to protect them, the Coulters have been forced to take on the UDA on their own.

“My mother is terrified,” said daughter Tracey, “she believes that one of us is going to be killed, she is convinced that’s how this is all going to end. She can’t face burying one of us, burying a grandchild that’s why she wants to die. It is absolutely heart-breaking to hear your mummy talk like that, it really is.”

Last week the Sunday World revealed that the UDA had threatened to put Agnes’s seriously ill grandson out of his home, on Monday a mob broke into his Malvern Way home in the Lower Shankill and set fire to his bedroom.

It was the culmination of years of intimidation, and more than Agnes could bear.

“Just hours after those scumbags set fire to our Natalie’s house last Monday my mummy took all of her tablets for depression, everything that was in the house. If my sister hadn’t found her I dread to think. In reality I could be burying three members of my family this week because of those UDA bastards. My sister and my nephew, they could have been burnt alive, and my poor mummy,” Tracey explained.

  Natalie Coulter's boarded up home 

And she revealed she is terrified her 60-year -old mother will attempt suicide again as she has finally given up her fight.

“She has nothing more to give, she is exhausted and she is scared that something really bad is going to happen to us. Of course we are frightened she will do it again because you can see she has given up.

“We have been tortured every single day since my daddy was murdered and she just can’t take any more, she can’t bear to watch what they are doing to us, this has just wrecked my mummy, she has said it herself she is just too weak, she doesn’t have any more energy for this. I lost two parents the day my daddy was murdered.

“Since then my mummy has been a shell, she gets up in the morning now and takes her pills and barely leaves the house. My mother will die of a broken heart no matter what happens in the end.”

Tracey, who was forced to quit her Lower Shankill home last summer after a sustained campaign of intimidation, has campaigned relentlessly to get justice for her father. She has named and shamed those responsible but still no one has been convicted.

The UDA has targeted every member of her family.

Last week the Sunday World revealed the plight of little Jake Coulter, Agnes’ seriously ill grandson who is too afraid to sleep in his own bed in case the paramilitaries will come and get him.

Jake, who has a serious heart condition, was the latest target in their relentless campaign of violence and torture after his mother was warned they would be put out of their home.

Within hours of the story appearing every member of the Coulter family received a death threat, for Tracey Coulter it was her 213th.

The next day the loyalist scumbags torched little Jake’s home, the UDA had carried out their cruel threat.

“I predicted this, I knew they would burn her out. The house is gutted. What would have happened if they were there at the time? Those bastards don’t give a f**k, they don’t care who they hurt, now they have made a sick little boy homeless. How could you be proud about that? They think they are big men but big men don’t go about traumatising seriously ill children, he’s only nine years of ages for God’s sake.

“Jake’s nerves have completely gone, he has told his mummy that he never wants to go back and that he wants them to come and live with me. He has begged our Natalie not to go back, he is even too afraid to sleep in bed alone, they have left that poor child so terrorised he is seeing a counsellor,” she added.

In the meantime Natalie Coulter has been forced to salvage what she can from her fire damaged home as she prepares to leave the Shankill for good.

“The sad thing is that she has lost the house where all the memories of Jake’s daddy are, he committed suicide when Jake was just seven months, all their memories were in that house but she has to put her sons health first and that is her priority. Like me she is leaving because of her kid’s not because she is giving in to scumbags like [UFF C Company Commander] Mo Courtney and [UDA Brigadier] Matt Kincaid,” Tracey said.

 Mo Courtney

And she challenged the DUP’s Peter Robinson to stand by his failed promise to investigate the Association and stop the government cash injections.

“Peter Robinson promised me everything but he has delivered nothing. He took my number last year and I am still waiting. There he is out canvassing for votes for the next election banging on peoples doors, promising people this and that, well I can tell them his promises are false.

“Put it this way I will be voting Sinn Fein, they have done more for me that any other political party, the rest of them don’t want to know what has happened to my family and what the UDA are up to and the rackets they have going. The likes of Peter Robinson and Nelson McCausland should hang their heads in shame,” she added.