Graham Dwyer’s wife Gemma releases statement

Graham and Gemma Dwyer
Graham and Gemma Dwyer

The estranged wife of murderer Graham Dwyer has released a statement following today’s verdict.

“Gemma Dwyer and her immediate family have noted the proceedings of the court and its guilty verdict today. Their thoughts and condolences are with the O’Hara family for the grief and pain they are suffering.

“In the interests of maintaining privacy, and in particular to protect the interests of her children, Gemma Dwyer and members of her immediate family – parents, siblings and children – will not be making any further comment now, or in the future, on the case.

“The family would request that the media and members of the public respect their privacy in any further reporting or commentary, particularly with regard to the need to protect their children from any intrusion into their lives.

Graham released his own statement earlier today HERE